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Issues that are important to adress  

Issues by municipal area 

The sentence that proceeds each point is, ‘We are going to’:


  • Consider the renovation and maintenance of the swimming pool in Reykholt

  • Significantly improve the care of the area, especially with regard to gauze on vegetation

  • Promote an idea competition for a new town center plan.

  • Establish a regional council that has a direct connection to the local government

  • Examine carefully whether it is possible to renovate the old school with the aim of making the house a living place with a variety of activities.

  • Establish a teleworking environment in Reykholt, even look to the old school in that respect.

  • Prioritize telephone and fiber optic issues

  • Continue to work in collaboration with the neighboring municipalities on plans for a new nursing home in the uplands and emphasize that it will be located in Laugarás

  • Significantly improve the care of the area, especially with regard to gauze on vegetation

  • Promote an idea competition for a new town center plan.

  • Improve street lighting in the neighborhood and carefully inspect sewer issues.

  • Request the Laugarás interest group to have a direct connection with the association.


  • Take good care of Laugarvatn as a school and sports village with an emphasis on outdoor activities along with increased tourism.

  • Promote an idea competition for a new town center plan.

  • Significantly improve the care of the area, fix curbs, and complete current construction.

  • Perform leak repairs alongside the new floor in the gymnasium and consider new changing facilities for pool guests.

  • Initiate the establishment of a fishing association in Laugarvatn.

  • Establish a regional council that has a direct connection to the local government.

  • Establish a regional council that has a direct connection to the local government.

  • Pay close attention to road services in the area in proportion to the volume of traffic.

  • Search for a future solution for traffic speeds through the National Park.

  • Request that the municipality be represented in the Þingvellir Committee.

  • Significantly improve the care of the area, especially with regard to gauze on trees in older leisure areas.

  • Have an active conversation with the National Park at Þingvellir about, among other things, development in the eastern part of the National Park (Gjábakki and Arnarfell). And propose that the water protection area of ​​Þingvallavatn be better marked and worked on systematically with that area, highlighting its uniqueness and the importance of protecting the ecosystem.



Issues on the agenda for Bláskógabyggð


  • The head of the Þ-list Anna Greta Ólafsdóttir works as a full-time mayor and the job of the head is terminated.

  • Establish transparent administration, among other things by introducing monitoring of case numbers and making meeting documents accessible in the minutes of local government meetings. Have open accounting and stream local government meetings online.

  • Launch a new website where all the main information related to the municipality is available in more languages, as well as a population portal.

  • Emphasize the strength of financial management and look for ways to raise capital in the area. Among other things, by making it easier for companies and individuals to work within the municipality, also by applying for funding for innovation and development for the associated funding environment.

  • Activate the municipality's committees and make their role clear and the committee's work visible.

  • Submit an annual service survey and work on that survey in detail, and hold open residents' meetings on municipal issues at least once a year.

  • To begin work on examining the advantages and disadvantages of mergers with the municipalities in the area after that analysis. It is first and foremost necessary to examine the attitudes of the population towards merger issues based on the analysis.

Strategy and leadership
  • Embark on a comprehensive strategy and work systematically for positive population development.

  • Update the risk assessment of natural hazards and increase education around these hazards, e.g..

  • Continue with and strengthen the sludge project, which is a collaborative project of six municipalities.

  • Support a health-promoting community and work towards a clear vision for the future in these matters.

  • Engage in major cultural advancements in parallel with the municipality's overall policy-making, with an emphasis on making the municipality's heritage and history more visible.

  • Strengthen the municipality's initiative in getting people into all kinds of co-operation, collaboration, and construction.


Employment, regional affairs, and tourism
  • Participate actively with companies in building a strong infrastructure in the field of tourism.

  • Pay close attention to maintenance and service on local roads.

  • Establish an association with the role of supporting business development and innovation.

  • Respond to housing problems, among other things, by looking at the possibility of building rental housing.

  • Review opening hours and container accessibility in the garbage and recycling areas.

  • Revise district heating tariffs, for general users, so that it is based on energy consumption. That there is an incentive to develop a diverse industry based on the area's resources.

  • Request that the Environmental Agency's rangers have an office and a longer presence in the municipality and that the offices of Þingvellir National Park be in the municipality. 


Child-friendly and family-friendly community
  • Establish a leisure time grant in the amount of ISK 50,000 per child from 6 years to 18 years of age

  • Develop a road safety plan and make the necessary improvements.

  • Increased transport between urban areas. M.a. by offering driving between urban areas after the youth center work of teenagers.

  • Work to become a Child-Friendly Municipality in collaboration with UNICEF.

  • Develop a new school policy for Bláskógabyggð.

  • Immediately change the turf on all the sports fields of the municipality.

  • Look for ways to ensure that the municipality's institutions are well-staffed and that professional staff is hired in the schools.

  • Continue to support sports and leisure clubs that operate within the municipality.

  • Strengthen and review school and welfare services in the area.


Human society / Community
  • Establish the project Betri Byggð, an idea competition every year with a financial contribution of up to 10,000,000kr a year.

  • Daycare facilities for senior citizens in the area will be established. Increase support for senior citizens' homes with social services and a support network.

  • Have free access for senior citizens to the municipality's swimming pools and sports facilities.

  • Revive the Bláskógablíða festival and support celebrations in the area.

  • Establish a reception council that deals with the issues of the municipality's new residents with an emphasis on receiving foreigners, one of the tasks of the reception council are to prepare a handbook.

  • Support local learning in the area of Icelandic as a second language and the diverse needs of the community.


Environmentally-friendly community
  • Protect the highlands and ensure that protection and utilization go well together.

  • Make sure that there are cycling paths connecting and within the villages appropriate for leisure and children so that the Golden Circle can be cycled.

  • The aim is to install more charging stations within the municipality

  • Work on the municipality's environmental policy based on the work that was well underway.

  • The aim is for the municipality to become a leader in the field of environmental issues.

  • Focus on supporting individuals, organizations, and companies for sustainability.

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